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Welcome to our web of Corporate Photographer and Videographer, based in Murcia, Spain.

The human team of Mazza Communicación Audiovisual is totally committed to our profession, the quality and the target of our customers.

We are frequently commissioned to shoot Corporate Events, Conferences and Award Ceremonies so as providing Event Video production services.

Ecommerce photography and video contents that can be placed on the internet are also relevant facts in our work. 

Event Photographer & Videographer 

As Event Photographer for Corporate and Special occasions, we specialize in capturing the essence of the moment through documentary, lifestyle portraiture and Event photography and video.

No matter the size of the event, we will create high quality images that can be used to create content for your business or any other needs you might have.

How do we work 

Besides of our professional background built over 25 years, one of the strongest points we are pride to offer as photographer and videographer is our easy-going collaborative work style and tailor-made services. 

Looking forward about understanding your needs and requirements to meet your expectations.

We operate from our studio, are experienced at shooting in a variety of environments and have the resources to assist for additional crew and professionals as hair and make artists, stylists, decor or any other expertise required.

Photo & Video

Our photo and video services are available all over Spain for all types of events, from exclusive parties and weddings to corporate events, award ceremonies, conferences, trade shows and more.

We do work either for Spanish and International clients’ assignments capturing the atmosphere and style of the events.

For Event photographer requirements and chasing availability for your  Corporate Event  Photography and Video please get in touch.

We do provide tailored-made services on video and photography for you.

Silke Mazza 

Corporate event photographer and Video in Spain

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